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Enrolment Process for Kids Club Gosford

Enrol at Kids Club Gosford

This page is specifically for enrolling your child at Kids Club Gosford. If you are enrolling at any other Kids Club Centre, please go to this page

Welcome to the beginning of your child’s educational and care journey with Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centre Gosford. We are so excited that you have chosen one of our centres for your family.

Here at Kids Club Gosford we manage all our enrolments online through KangarooTime.

If you do have any questions while completing your enrolment, we encourage you email our enrolments team on enquiries@kidsclubchildcare.com.au. When emailing about your enquiry, please remember to let us know your name, your child’s full name and the centre that you are enrolling at.


How to Register Your Enrolment 


Step 1.

Email Notification of the Offer

Once Kids Club Gosford has offered a position at the service, the guardian email used during the enquiry process will receive a notification to advise that the service has offered a position. If you have not received the email, please send an email to enquiries@kidsclubchildcare.com.au to confirm you position.

Step 2.

Review you offer

Once selecting Review your offer from the email, you will be taken to the service portal of Kangarootime Enrolment

If you no longer want to take the position or the offer does not suit your needs, you can Decline and choose to either end your application or go back on the waitlist.

If you agree with the offer details, choose Accept.

Once selecting Accept you will need to complete the requried details for each section of the enrolment

Step 3.

Update the Enrolment Form

The below is broken into four stages:

a) Child Information
b) Medical Information
c) Primary Contact
d) Additional Contact

a)Child Information

Complete mandatory child details including first name, last name, DOB, and if child has a medical condition


b) Medical Information

If selecting yes to medical condition, you will need to select if it is a medical condition, allergy or restriction

Complete all mandatory fields of the medical information

If uploading supporting documentation the uploaded document will appear and you can change the name of the document, select the expiration date of the document and save.

The medical Information will the display and you can + Add medical information if there is more to add or select Next


c) Primary Contact

*Primary contact should always be the CRN holder for the account, you can add additional Primary contacts on the account*

Complete mandatory primary contact details including first name, last name, address, phone number, and relationship to the child

If you enter the CRN at this point the Date of Birth field will also become mandatory

If you select +Add another primary contact you can add an additional Primary Contact or select Next


d) Additional Contacts

You will be prompted if you wish to add any additional contacts

If selecting yes, complete mandatory fields requried for additional contacts including first name, last name, phone number and relationship to child/ren

You can select to add if the additional contact is an emergency contact, and/or has permission to pick up

You an select +Add another contact to add as many contacts as you wish or select Next

Step 4.

Complying Written Arrangement

You will be presented with a CWA agreement based on the services full session charge for the bookings you have selected. This does not reflect any CCS you may be eligible for, this will only be able to be seen once there is a confirmed CW agreement through your My Gov account.

Review the CWA information such as full fee amount, and booked days

Select the declaration box

Complying Written Arrangement

Select Next

Step 5.


Two options ate provided below:

a) Credit Card
b) Bank Account

a) Credit Card:

Select Verify card

You will get notification that The payment detail has been saved


Bank Account:

Must have – (dash) in BSB eg. 032-000

Verify bank details once account entered – Message will show We’ve got your payment detail

Select Next

Step 6.


You will receive a Successful Submission notification once all details are completed and submitted

You will then receive an email with service details to confirm the submission and welcome with start date.


Kids Club Standard Admin Fees & Bonds

Admin Fee $100 $100 $100 Up to $100
Bond $0 $200 1 week full fees Up to $200
Fee Payment 2 Weeks in Advance 2 Weeks in Advance 2 Weeks in Advance 2 Weeks in Advance

Please Note; Some exceptions may apply and charges may vary between regions and centres within states and territories. Please confirm your Admin Fees & Bond during enrolment. Families experiencing hardship are encouraged to speak with the respective Centre Director to discuss administration fees / bonds prior to processing their enrolment to discuss alternative arrangements.