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Enrolment Process for OWNA

Enrol at Kids Club

Welcome to the beginning of your child’s educational and care journey with Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres. We are so excited that you have chosen one of our centres for your family.

Here at Kids Club we manage enrolments online through OWNA.


How to Enrol at Kids Club using OWNA

Once our centre Director confirms availability for your preferred enrolled days, using your email address they will send through an Enrolment Form Link. 

Parents are required to complete all required fields before submitting the online enrolment form. Enrolment forms must be completed prior to your child’s commencement of enrolment. 

When submitting an enrolment form any field with an asterisk is a mandatory field that you must provide an answer to before you can submit the form. 

Required information usually includes: 

  • Child Details (e.g. name, DOB, CRN, etc)
  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunisation History Statement
  • Medicare Details 
  • Primary Parent/Carer (name, address, contact info, DOB, CRN)
  • Medical Information
  • Permissions
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Confirmation and Signature

Avoiding Common Mistakes:

  • All mandatory fields are completed
  • Ensure all date fields are in the format YYYY-MM-DD
  • Ensure attachments are no bigger than 3MB
  • Wait for green tick after saying ‘I am not a robot’ before submitting
  • Ensure terms and conditions are ticked before submitting (If Applicable)
  • Ensure email address’ are unique for each person
  • Emergency contacts need to be different to Parent 1 and Parent 2 and cannot have the same email address (parent name spelled differently)
  • Only 2 submissions per IP address allowed per 24 hours period
  • Ensure Credit Card expiry date is YYYY format (If applicable)
  • Ensure Parent and Child CRN’s are different
  • Enrolment form will request parents to complete payment details if the DDR section is mandatory

 If you do have any questions while completing your enrolment, we encourage you to email our enrolments team on enquiries@kidsclubchildcare.com.au. When emailing about your enquiry, please remember to let us know your name, your child’s full name and the centre that you are enrolling at.

Kids Club Standard Admin Fees & Bonds

Category VIC NSW QLD
Admin Fee $100 $100 Up to $100
Bond $0 $200 Up to $200
Fee Payment 2 Weeks in Advance 2 Weeks in Advance 2 Weeks in Advance

Please Note; Some exceptions may apply and charges may vary between regions and centres within states and territories. Please confirm your Admin Fees & Bond during enrolment. Families experiencing hardship are encouraged to speak with the respective Centre Director to discuss administration fees / bonds prior to processing their enrolment to discuss alternative arrangements.