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Meet Our Educators of the Month at Kids Club!


Our PeopleSometimes it is easy to overlook the amazing work early childhood educators and teachers do in guiding and educating children every day. It is important to show recognition for the important work they do to shape the future leaders of our world. Our “Educator of the Month” is a way of showing appreciation for their passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm. To recognise their achievements, their strengths and the challenges they overcome as a result of dedication, perseverance and team collaboration.


How do we select the Early Childhood Educator of the month?

We encourage families, children, and educators to be involved in the selection process of Educator of the Month. Through involving everyone in the process it provides opportunities for families to voice their appreciation for the Educators and also allows the children to have a voice and thank their Educators who they love and admire immensely.

Each month, the educator is chosen either by the Centre Director, the Families and children, their piers or the area manager.

Let’s introduce our Educators of the Month for May!

It was the turn of our families to choose their Educators of the Month 🙂 and the winners are :



Kids Club Clarence Street, NSW

Miss Maddy was chosen for Kids Club Clarence Street

Educator of the MonthMaddy has been with Kids Club Clarence since 2017 and took over the team leader role in 2018. Maddy has blossomed into an amazing team leader who always has a smile on her face and a positive can do attitude. Many of the parents who nominated her feel the same way. Maddy has a way of welcoming families into the room especially those children under One years of age, feel safe and secure in the knowledge that Maddy and her team have every child’s needs meet in a loving and nurturing way.


Why did you chose to be an educator?

I chose to be an educator as helping children learn through different ways has always been a passion. I love seeing the expressions on their faces when they engage in activities where they have emerging skills that are being strengthened by the developmental learning experiences the team and I put together. To be named educator of the month is a great honour and I am truly appreciative.” 



What is your favourite moment of the day as an educator and why?

It has to be the morning between 9:30 – 11:30 when the children are engaged in the learning experiences put out by the team and myself. I also enjoy drop off and pick up times as this is a great way we can bond and show compassion towards the children and family members. I love being able to tell families about what their child created and accomplished throughout the day, seeing the parents faces light up with this is a truly great reward.”


What is your favourite quote as an educator?

“Each child is their own unique person and will develop at their own pace and in their own time.”


Kids Club Rosebery, NSW

At Kids Club Rosebery, our families and children chose Miss Kya, one of our educators in the Ocean Room.

Educator of the MonthKya has been a part of the Kids Club Rosebery Team since March 2018. She is a bubbly and energetic educator, who is thoughtful towards all children, their families and staff. Kya develops strong rapports with the children and their families and shows a high level of respect to all at the Rosebery centre.

The reasons Kya was chosen is because she makes children and families feel welcome and comfortable and because she is a caring and kind educator towards the children.


Why did you chose to be an educator?

“I chose to be a child care educator because I want to Inspire our next generation, and I love being around children being able to watch and help them grow 😊”


What is your favourite moment of the day as an educator and why?

” Everyday, I have many favourite moments with all the children. I especially love group times with my toddlers as I can sit with all of them and speak about their weekends with mummy and daddy and what interest them. And another favourite moment of mine is when we all get together for an experience and work together.”


What is your favourite quote as an educator?

“Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child’s soul.”.



Kids Club Northern Beaches, NSW

Educator of the Month Northern BeachesFor Kids Club Northern Beaches: Miss Anne, our lead educator in the preschool room and our Educational leader was chosen by our families. She is a Diploma qualified educator who has worked with children in varying capacities in Europe, Africa and Australia! She is such a nurturing staff member on our team. One of our families brought a tear to our eye when they said their son loved coming to the centre because Miss Anne has a super hero heart.


Why did you chose to be an educator?

I chose to be an educator because I believe in the benefits and importance of early childhood education.” 


What is your favourite moment of the day as an educator and why?

“My favourtie moment of the day is drop off because I am able to help create a sincere transition between families and educators for the child and parents/carers.”


What is your favourite quote as an educator?

“Be the change you want to see.”


Kids Club Phillip, ACT

– Our families at Kids Club Phillip  chose Miss Harlee-Rose as their Educator of the month.

Educator of the Month PHMiss Harlee-Rose is a highly valued educator here at Kids Club Phillip. She is an enthusiastic, polite and positive educator who enjoys sharing her passion for children with everyone around her. Harlee-Rose is currently an assistant educator in the Rainforest 1 room and is working towards her certificate III in Children’s Services. She-Rose has been chosen by the parents and  families at Kids Club Phillip for her hard work, dedication and effective communication with everyone around her. Miss Harlee-Rose demonstrates a positive attitude and a great work ethic whilst creating strong relationships with not only the parents, families and children but also her fellow educators.

What is your favourite moment of the day as an educator and why?

“My favourtie moment of the day is is in the evening as I feel as though it is the best time to engage with the children. I enjoy implementing art and craft activities with the children as I love to observe each child demonstrate their creative side. .”


What is your favourite quote as an educator?

“Today you are you, that is truer than true, there is no one alive who is youer than you.” Dr Seuss


Kids Club Rivett

Educator of the month Rivett– Miss Ashlee is our educator of the month at Kids Club Rivett. Ashlee is one of our assistant educators in the Ocean 1 Room, she chose to become an educator because she is passionate about teaching children new skills to nurture their growth. We all are inspired by the beautiful smile that she puts on her face all throughout the day.

Her favourite part of the day is once the children wake up from their sleeps and then they begin to run experiences and explore the world around them with fresh eyes that are eager to investigate all we have to offer.


Kids Club Symonston

Educator of the MonthMiss Jessica, Educator of the month at Kids Club Symonston.

Miss Jess has been chosen as educator of the month by families for her warm and loving nature towards the children and her support that she provides to families. Families have highlighted the bonds and relationships that children have quickly formed with her within the rainforest one room and throughout the centre.


Why did you chose to be an educator?

“I choose to be an educator as I’ve always had a passion to work with children and watch them grow into incredible and passionate individuals.


What is your favourite moment of the day as an educator and why?

“I do not have a favourite moment of the day, as the entire day with the children, makes my day, watching them grow, laugh and smile!”


What is your favourite quote as an educator?

The smallest things

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