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Meet Our Educators of the Month at Kids Club!

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the amazing work early childhood educators and teachers do in guiding and educating children every day. It is important to show recognition for the important work they do to shape the future leaders of our world. Our “Educator of the Month” is a way of showing appreciation for their passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm. To recognise their achievements, their strengths and the challenges they overcome as a result of dedication, perseverance and team collaboration.


How do we select the Early Childhood Educator of the month?

We encourage families, children, and educators to be involved in the selection process of Educator of the Month. Through involving everyone in the process it provides opportunities for families to voice their appreciation for the Educators and also allows the children to have a voice and thank their Educators who they love and admire immensely.

Each month, the educator is chosen either by the Centre Director, the Families and children, their piers or the area manager.

Let’s introduce our Educators of the Month for April!

It was the turn of our area managers to chose their Educators of the Month 🙂 and the winners are :



Miss Kris is the Educator of the Month at Kids Club Elizabeth St:

Miss Kris is Assistant Educator in the Ocean Room and is passionate about teaching and imparting knowledge in every way she can.

“As I am studying about the Early Years Learning Framework in Australia, it astounded me as to how much children can learn through various learning environments, but most importantly through play when they are having fun. It challenges me to teach children in a more holistic approach where they are allowed to enjoy their childhood and play, but still be brilliant in different aspects of learning. “

What is your favourite moment of the day as an educator and why?

“I have a lot of favourite moments throughout the day, but if I am to pick my best two, it will be when we play outside and the children, with the help of their educators, get to resource their own learning by exploration of natural materials and through social interactions.  It’s the children’s laughter and the positive energy you get from working with children that is so rewarding. The other one is when we are doing experiments and intentional teaching experiences where children often have various priceless reactions in their faces when they get excited to learn something new.”

What is your favourite quote as an educator?

“Now, what really makes a teacher is love for the human child; for it is love that transforms the social duty of the educator into the higher consciousness of a mission.” Dr Maria Montessori.



For Kids Club Northern Beaches: Miss Annie, our Centre Director and this is what our area manager said about Annie:



“Annie is such a hard working Director who has invested greatly with her team and the centre as a whole. This is obvious in the relationships that Annie has built with the educators and the support that is shown on a daily basis. Annie has made some impressive improvements to the centre over the last few weeks including a book borrowing program and community involvement. Annie is always looking to further develop her skills as a Director and is a valuable team player with the other Directors”.





Miss Saray was chosen for Kids Club Clarence St.

” Saray shows such dedication to her role as an educator.  She is committed to improving and expanding her skills and always responds well to feedback.  Saray provides amazing experiences for children reflecting her knowledge of the children’s interests and an environment that is safe, secure and promotes learning.” says Suzi, our area manager.


Why did you chose to be an educator?

“I always wanted to be the educator that I never had. That fun, friendly, loving person that supports positive growth, develop and challenges you in the right ways whilst offering you the right comfort. I really wanted to be that open minded educator that brings happiness for the children whilst challenging myself to be a better version of myself everyday.” 


Educator of the Month

What is your favourite moment of the day as an educator and why?

“My favourite moment is the first instant when I walk into the room and I see my little ones engaging in play and as they see me they run to me with their glowing smiles, warm cuddles and happy greetings. The comments like “Miss Saray is HEREEEEEEEE!” and “good morning Miss Saray, Hello” make me smile internally so much.

This first contact with the children recharges me emotionally as it gives me the energy to start a positive day. Also, I feel that I have a reason to keep going and it reminds me why I have to be better everyday and why this is so important. It honestly just makes me feel like I belong. I feel Kids Club is my new home and the children from Ocean Room make me forget my problems, make me laugh from their silliness, add value in my profesional and personal life by challenging myself in different kind of scenarios. Finally, I feel loved as being away from my home country, home language, family and friends sometimes turns into a lonely environment but just knowing that my little ones are waiting for me makes me get up everyday and be a strong person.”





At Kids Club Rosebery, our Area Manager, Suzi, chose Miss Jessica, our Centre Director. Jessica chose to be an educator to teach the children of the future!

“I wanted to make an impact on children’s lives in a positive way and celebrate their accomplishments with them, both big and small. Children create a sense of magic in the world and dedicating a career towards helping them grow, is very rewarding.”

Educator of the Month


What is your favourite moment of the day as an educator and why?

” My favourite moment of the day is when I see the children showing good values to the people around them, such as kindness, patience, understanding appreciation. Being an educator is a privilege, as adults, we can learn a lot from children. Children are open-minded and have a sense of awe with their environments, and it is a pleasure to experience their journey of growth alongside them.”


What is your favourite quote as an educator?

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about”.




And from Canberra, we have:


  • Our Assistant Centre Director, Miss Sarah was chosen by our ACT Area Manager at Kids Club Rivett for stepping up and helping the team in the absence of team members to ensure the needs of the Centre was met.


Educational LeaderWhy did you chose to be an educator?

I chose to become an early childhood educator because I from a young age I loved looking after my babies and this progressed into a passion for caring and teach children. As an adult I began private nanny work for children with disabilities which lead into my tertiary education in the field to further develop my skills and love for learning!”


What is your favourite moment of the day as an educator and why?

“My favourite part of the day is when I begin our first experience for the day and watch the children race over, excited and eager to learn, with big smiles as they attempt and challenge themselves because they feel safe, confident and ready to tackle the task at hand.”


What is your favourite quote as an educator?

Educator of the Month Symonston

  • Miss Britney is Assistant Educator in Rainforest 2, she has been chosen for her reliability, bubbly and polite nature and dedication to Kids Club Symonston. She has established warm relationships with both the children and families and contributes new ideas and inspiration to the environments. She loves helping the children learn and the children’s smiles brighten her day.


What is your favourite moment of the day as an educator and why?

“My favourite moment is group times with the children and listening and learning from the children’s voices.”


What is your favourite quote as an educator?

“The past can hurt, but you can either run from it or learn from it” – Lion King Rafiki





Kids Club Phillip

Ellen has her Diploma in Education and Care and has been working in the industry for almost 10 years. She is Assistant educator in Ocean 2 Room.

Miss Ellen chose to be an educator as she loves to watch each child in her care learn and grow as an individual. Miss Ellen’s favourite part of the day is incorporating  cooking and art experiences into the daily curriculum as she enjoys the passion that the children have for observing how and why things work the way they do.




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