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Kids Club Oakdowns Celebrate Their Very own Melissa Kelly on Taking Out the Thank You Educators campaign run by Care for Kids

Kids Club Celebrate the Excellence of Melissa Kelly - A Shining Star at Kids Club Oakdowns

November 14, 2023

Article Written By:
Jessica Kingi
Marketing Executive
Kids Club Early Childhood Learning Centres

Working in the realm of Early Childhood Education and Care is undeniably one of the most fulfilling paths one can embark upon. It’s a journey that involves shaping the future of generations to come, where children as young as 6 weeks old are nurtured, guided, and prepared for the exciting adventure of ‘big school’. In this realm, each day presents unique challenges and opportunities, as every Educator understands that it takes a village to raise a child. Becoming a part of this village is a privilege beyond measure.

Recognising the invaluable contributions of Early Childhood Education professionals, Care for Kids initiated the Thank You Educators campaign, a heartwarming endeavour aimed at acknowledging the tireless efforts of these dedicated individuals. Amidst an overwhelming response of nearly 6,000 nominations, six exceptional Educators from across Australia emerged as winners, earning a well-deserved luxury weekend retreat.

Among these remarkable Educators stands Melissa Kelly, a true gem in our midst, and a beacon of inspiration. Melissa has been a guiding light at Kids Club Oakdowns for over four years, where she serves as the Educational Leader in the Rainforest room. Her recent triumph is a testament to her unwavering dedication and the profound impact she has on both her team and the children under her care.

Chloe Clements, the Director of Kids Club Oakdowns, described Melissa as a “shining star” and a foundational pillar within their team. Chloe recounted Melissa’s pivotal role in her own journey as a first-time mother, highlighting how Melissa’s support during her return to work was nothing short of transformative. “Mel made the transition, for lack of a better word, easy,” Chloe expressed with gratitude. Melissa’s influence extended far beyond the classroom, touching lives in ways that words struggle to encapsulate.

Beyond her educational prowess, Melissa’s vibrant personality and interests shine through. An avid animal enthusiast, a devoted mother of six, and a cherished Nan to two beautiful granddaughters, Melissa finds solace in the embrace of nature. Whether camping, hiking or tending to her garden, she embodies a deep connection with the outdoors, which undoubtedly enriches her role as an Educator.

Melissa’s personal journey as a mother has fostered an innate understanding of the delicate balance between nurturing and entrusting one’s child to another. Known as Mumma Mel to those around her, this perspective has shaped her approach, as she cares for each child with the same devotion and tenderness she bestows upon her own. When asked about her unexpected victory, Melissa’s humility radiated. “I just burst into tears, hugged those around me and thought to myself ‘why me?'” she recalled, sharing the sheer disbelief and joy of the moment with her team.

The ripple effect of Melissa’s win extended to the families she touches daily. Andrea, a mother whose child attends Kids Club Oakdowns, shared in the celebration, “Mel always is the first to put her hand up to help, going above and beyond her “job title.” She’s selfless, dedicated and puts families first. She truly cares and her passion for people shines through in everything she does. She is a credit to Kids Club and an inspirational leader to all that she works with. My family and I are so blessed to have Mel in our corner.”

Mel with centre Director Chloe at Kids Club Oakdowns

At the heart of Melissa’s success lies an unwavering belief in teamwork. She acknowledges that the strength of the team lies in each individual member, and reciprocally, each individual’s strength is fortified by the collective. 

As she embarks on a well-deserved luxurious weekend retreat as winner of this campaign, Melissa imparts her parting wisdom. Her role as an Early Childhood Educator is undoubtedly challenging, but the rewards are immeasurable. To Melissa, the joy of nurturing young minds and witnessing their growth eclipses any challenge, serving as a constant reminder of the profound importance of her work.

The Kids Club community stands united in celebrating Melissa’s exceptional achievement. Her win not only elevates her individual accomplishments but also shines a radiant light on the collective efforts of all Educators in Early Childhood Education and Care. With hearts full of pride, we extend our warmest congratulations to Melissa, eager for her to savour every moment of her well-earned retreat.

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