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January Educator of the Month

January Educator of the Month

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the amazing work early childhood educators and teachers do in guiding and educating children every day. It is important to show recognition for the important work they do to shape the future leaders of our world. “Educator of the Month” is a way of showing appreciation for their passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm. To recognise their achievements, their strengths and the challenges they overcome as a result of dedication, perseverance and team collaboration.

How do we select the Early Childhood Educator of the month?

We encourage families, children, and educators to be involved in the selection process of Educator of the Month. Through involving everyone in the process it provides opportunities for families to voice their appreciation for the Educators and also allows the children to have a voice and thank their Educators who they love and admire immensely.

Our Surry Hill Centre has now been open for 3 months and is almost running at full capacity. The Elizabeth Street families and children are truly enjoying the beautiful centre and are very keen on our wonderful educators.

Our Educator for January 2016: Miss Olivia

Miss Olivia is our youngest team member and we are so proud of the way that she takes the time to build genuine relationships with the children and families. Olivia is currently studying her diploma of early education through a traineeship. She is very passionate about her role as an educator and building relationships with the children and their families.

Miss Olivia joined us part time at the start of the year and then started a traineeship at the Clarence Street centre. For the last 6 months, she has been working with our Ocean room children. Miss Olivia has always had a passion for working in Early Childhood and was lucky to have been surrounded by educators as she grew up. We have seen her blossom here at Clarence street under the wing of our experienced room leaders who have mentored her and encouraged Miss Olivia to bring her ideas to our program within the centre.

Miss Olivia always has positive interactions with the children and families and spreads her happy smiles to all who see her, which is why she is our educator of the month.

Miss Kubra the ocean room Leader says “ Miss Olivia has come a long way since starting, she has such a positive outlook on Early Childhood education and building relationships with the families. I can’t wait to see what she will do in a few years”

Miss Olivia’s favourite quote is:

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows“- Sydney d. Harris

What is your favorite moment?

Miss Olivia favourite moment is when a child settles into the room, “seeing a child who is unsettled at drop off is always hard for parents and educators, but when I can make a difference in how that child settles into the day, and then being able to relay that back to their parent, well it makes my decision to become an educator much clearer”

Building relationships is key to help children settle into a childcare. When a child feels safe and secure in their environment they begin to settle. Some children do take longer to settle and that is okay too. It is a big change from going from a home environment when they may be the only child, to being a part of a larger group. There are different sounds, smells and people they don’t know. Here at Kids club it is educators such as Miss Olivia that understand building responsive and respectful relationships with the child will lead to positive outcomes.

When Miss Olivia sees one of the ocean room children enter the room, she will have a big smile on her face and welcome the child to the room as if she had been waiting all morning for them to turn up. Miss Olivia does this for every single family that enters the room. That is what the Kids Club family does, we make sure you feel at home when you enter our centres.

Thank you, Olivia for your passion.

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Have something to say about our awesome Kids Club Educators?

We love hearing what our Kids Club Community has to share about our wonderful Educators. If you would like to share your experience with one of our Kids Club Educators, please do so and we will count your feedback towards the next months Featured Educator.