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Meet Miss Jamie, Educator of the Month at Kids Club Clarence St, Sydney CBD

Educator of the Month at Clarence StMeet Miss Jamie, Educator of the Month at Kids Club Clarence St!

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the amazing work early childhood educators and teachers do in guiding and educating children every day. It is important to show recognition for the important work they do to shape the future leaders of our world. Our “Educator of the Month” is a way of showing appreciation for their passion, knowledge, and enthusiasm. To recognise their achievements, their strengths and the challenges they overcome as a result of dedication, perseverance and team collaboration.

How do we select the Early Childhood Educator of the month?

We encourage families, children, and educators to be involved in the selection process of Educator of the Month. Through involving everyone in the process it provides opportunities for families to voice their appreciation for the Educators and also allows the children to have a voice and thank their Educators who they love and admire immensely.

Best Early Childhood Educator

Our Educator of the Month at Kids Club Clarence St is Miss Jamie

Miss Jamie is the Educational Leader and Team leader of the Outback children, our preschoolers. She has been with us for over 2 years and is in the last year of her Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood).

Our preschoolers and their parents love her, here are some of the beautiful words they wrote about her:

“Miss Jaime happily takes on challenges, even in on-boarding a special child and showing the parents around or giving orientation. It takes a village to raise a child, and luckily, Miss Jaime is up to it wholeheartedly. She’s any child’s first friend. Any parent would be happy to know that Miss Jaime sees the uniqueness of every child, appreciates diversity, helps find the child’s strengths and helps them meet their fullest potential. Thanks Miss Jaime! :-)”.

“She is very passionate about her work and has interests on kids development”.

Clarence St Educator

Why did you choose to be an Educator?

‘The reason why I chose to be an educator was I would get to learn as well as teach. I could teach and guide children to grow up, meanwhile, I could learn from children, their inspiring aspirations, hopeful thinking, and trust in people.’

What is your favourite moment of the day?

“There are so many meaningful moments that I have created with all the children, families and staff in Kids Club Clarence St. My favourite moment is having conversations about the world with children and listening to their voices.”

What do you think about Kids Club?

‘Kids Club has not only provided me with a great opportunity to improve and challenge myself in both knowledge and skill of being an educator but also created a meaningful working environment to work in. I love being a part of Kids Club as the team, the Families and the children trust and believe in me.’

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Have something to say about our awesome Kids Club Educators?

We love hearing what our Kids Club Community has to share about our wonderful Educators. If you would like to share your experience with one of our Kids Club Educators, please do so and we will count your feedback towards the next months Featured Educator.