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12 Best games to prepare your child for Big School



Because playing is learning, and because families play an important role in supporting children to manage the transition to primary school, have a look at all the fun games that can help you child get ready for Kindergarten.







1- Card Games, like “Snap”, ”Memory” or “Go Fish”, children are using hand and finger muscles to hold the cards, as well as taking turns and matching


2- Legos & Blocks: Building together with Lego and blocks strengthens the muscles in children’s hands which help them when learning to write



3- Read stories: Listening is the foundation of reading. Let your child tell you the story even if they can’t read the words. Ask your child questions about the story


4- Sing nursery rhymes. This prepares them to make predictions when they read. It’s important for writing too: It helps children understand that words that share common sounds often share common letters. And rhyming is fun, it adds joy to the learning!


5- Play-Dough. Make your own play-dough and build a zoo! Play-dough is great to strengthen the muscles of little hands which will help to hold the pencil. Here’s how to make it!


6- Build a Parcours: climb steps, go through hoops, walk on a beam. Success will bring confidence and equilibrium


7- Draw me… a sheep! With any drawing tool, on any surface! Take a sponge and draw on the walls! The higher the better to reinforce arms and upper muscles. Try drawing a circuit for cars with chalk on a path, write Mum and dad’s name with a stick on the sand.


8- Bake cookies or cook a pie with them. This will develop your child’s independence and motricity skills opening containers, mixing ingredients. Then share the pie among 4 people and learn about division. And enjoy the treat!



9- Dress up: Organise a costumed party to encourage your children to dress themselves and encourage their independence

10- Puzzles: to develop their problem-solving skills. Grouping and matching are foundational number skills


11- Play dice and counters. It helps develop numeracy and turn taking skills

12- Ball games are Excellent for gross motricity skills, eye-hand coordination! And make sure that you don’t let your child win all the time. It is a subtle way of teaching resilience!


Read more about Kids Club School readiness program here: https://www.kidsclubchildcare.com.au/our-curriculum/our-school-readiness-program/







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